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The design of this project, like all “Mohammad Mahdi Fakhimi” designs, is done in a Fusion style.

FUSION style in architecture is actually a style that was created and named by Fakhimi and his students during a study that lasted for 4 years.

Fakhimi writes in his book about this style:

“Fusion style in architecture is in fact a combination of two separate styles, which, although the result of this combination is created from them, but in both content and form, has a new and independent nature. Just like a child born out of a mix of parents or when we mix blue with yellow to make green.”

As in the definition of this term in the field of nuclear physics, it is stated that:

Fusion, or synthesis, is the process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.

What Fakhimi often seeks in his designs is in fact a Fusion of modern styles and traditional style of ancient and valuable architecture of the place where he was born.

He uses modern materials as well as modern technology to recreate the same spatial sense of traditional architecture in a new and modern form.

Indirect lighting and the use of hidden lights in various forms and methods are among Fakhimi’s interests in designing spaces, which can be seen in almost all of his projects.





Jordan, Tehran, IRAN.



12 Floors



1500 square meters






Worthy of Appreciation in Competetition