Weiss Architecture Studio

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The design of this project, which won a bronze medal in the A’DESIGN  International competition in 2018, is done in a Fusion style.
This hotel is located on Ghamsar road in Kashan, on a land with an area of ​​20357 with 10708 infrastructure, which is designed on 4 floors. The two floors in the basement are dedicated to service and parking spaces, and the two floors that are located on the ground actually form the volume and form of this hotel.
The cubic and introverted form, the central courtyard, the green corridors and the room layout, the bright facade, the shading by the decorations and the details of the wall shells, have all been an attempt to emulate the native architecture.
The design of three central courtyards in this project and the location of the main rooms and spaces of the hotel around these courtyards, as well as the artistic design of the lattice and double walls of this building, which can be seen in all aspects of this hotel. It is the desert where the project is located.
A lattice shell with special decorations of traditional Iranian architecture in a modular way with beautiful details all around the building on the upper floors and behind it a corridor of trees and green space, in addition to the eye-catching beauty that has provided for the residents of this hotel At the same time, it plays a very effective role in the natural creation of blinds and air flow, and as a result, the regulation of the ambient air temperature.
In designing all the interior spaces of this hotel, the same module has been used that has been used in the details of its architectural facades.





Ghamsar, Kashan, IRAN.



10780 square meters