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Titanium tower or T block is one of the blocks located in “Shahr Aftab” Kish, which is the oldest and most famous complex of high-rise buildings among the southern islands of Iran. This town is located on the eastern coast of Kish and adjacent to the Persian Gulf with a dreamy view of the sea and has an area of ​​125,000 square meters.

The titanium residential tower is located in the southwest of “Shahr-e Aftab” with an exceptional and special design compared to the other blocks of this complex. This project is designed by Engineer Fakhimi in accordance with modern world standards, designed and implemented by Kish Civil Construction Investment Company.
Titanium tower in 17 floors and 60 meters high, with white cement facade and its wavy design with wide terraces and green walls and the use of the roof garden, with the aim of designing a green building, in addition to giving a different effect to the city of Aftab Forgiveness will prevent the loss of energy used to moderate the extremely hot and sultry weather of the island, especially in summer, and the residents will enjoy the air conditioning.
Due to the hot and humid climate of Kish, creating green walls in the facade, green porches on the side of the floor units and also a large roof garden on the top floor of the tower, was a clever way that a designer could solve to create a sense of comfort for residents. Use the design problem in this climate. The main design idea of ​​this tower, in addition to using the maximum view of the tower to the sea due to its location on the island, has been to combine nature with the building, which in turn reduces air pollution, optimizes energy consumption, reduces heat absorption. Through the roof of the building, reducing energy wastage from the roof of the building, temperature control will also be the optimal use of rainwater.





Kish Island, IRAN.



17 Floors and 60 meters high



12760 square meters