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Titanium tower or T block is one of the blocks located in “Shahr Aftab” of Kish island, which is the oldest and most famous complex of high-rise buildings among the southern islands of Iran adjacent to the Persian Gulf with a dreamy view of the sea.
Titanium residential tower is located in the southwest of “Shahr Aftab” with a different design than other blocks in this complex.
The building has 17 floors and a height of about 60 meters with a white cement facade and a wavy design with wide views and green terraces.
The main design idea of this tower, in addition to providing a maximum view of the tower residents to the sea, has been to combine nature with the building, which in turn has reduced heat absorption and optimized energy consumption.
Due to the hot and humid climate of the island, especially in summer, the use of green walls in the facade, green porches between the units as well as the large roof garden full of trees and plants and fountains on it, and even the use of rainwater, especially Monsoon rains, all solutions to prevented energy loss and controlled building temperature in order to achieve sustainable architecture.
Moreover, in designing the mechanical and electrical plans of this project, intelligent detection sensors were used to prevent energy loss.





Kish Island, IRAN.



17 Floors and 60 meters high



12760 square meters