WAS Born on September 13, 1980, in Iran, He got Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering. After having been graduated, he started his professional career while teaching at Tehran conservatories and could receive a prize from the mayor of Tehran in the first year of his professional career. He started up his first Office named “Ideh-Pardazan Akad Group” in 2008 and continued his professional activity in three domains of architecture, interior design, and graphic in a legal framework.
He was writing his first book under the title of “Interior Design From Architecture to Interior Decoration”. Afterward, he summoned to teach at Tehran Soore University as well as international branch of Tehran University located in Kish Island In 2011, he inaugurated his second office called “Maan Honar Armani” while his second book under the title of “Architecture & Urban Tele-democratic”, derived from his master thesis, set out to market Having born the excessive job preoccupation due to managing more than one hundred project works, Fakhimi resigned from teaching in 2013 and only worked as a supervisor and adviser for those students who were avidly looking forward to benefit from his knowledge for their theses.

Mahdi Fakhimi has won several important international awards in the field of architecture and interior design. He also has some backgrounds in other branches of art could receive prizes in art festivals and contests, especially in photography.